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MedTech Evening Event

The MedTech Industry Awards, hosted by MTAA, is an annual celebration acknowledging the incredible individuals, companies and technology MedTech has to offer. The Awards are highly regarded within the medical technology sector and brings together all professionals who support MedTech to network and celebrate the industry's achievements.

Kerrin Rennie

The Kerrin Rennie Award for Excellence in Medical Technology – Improving Quality of Life was established to recognise and profile the innovative and extraordinary contribution of medical technology in improving health outcomes of Australian patients.

Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognises an individual who has contributed in an exceptional way to the medical technology industry in Australia. This may be evidenced through their contribution to industry development, improvement in patient outcomes or excellence in leadership or innovation.

Women in MedTech Company Champion

The Women in MedTech Awards are presented to a company that has been a leader in advancing or achieving a significant gain in gender equity.

Women in MedTech Individual Champion

The Women in MedTech Awards are presented to an individual who has been a leader in advancing or achieving a significant gain in gender equity.

Women in MedTech - Emerging Women in Leadership

The Women in MedTech Award for Emerging Women in Leadership celebrates an inspiring, emerging female leader in the medical technology industry. This is exclusively for MTAA members.

2024 Award nominations

MTAA encourages all MedTech professionals, members or non-members, to nominate an outstanding individual, company or technology worthy of industry recognition.

Friday, 6 September 2024 – Submissions close.

Friday, 20 September 2024 – Nominees will be notified by this date.

Wednesday, 23 October 2024 – All nominees will be recognised and winners will be announced at the MTAA MedTech Industry Awards Dinner.

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2023 Award Winners

Sponsorship opportunities are limited and discretionary allocated to approved partners only. Talk to the MTAA events team to discover which sponsorships are best for your organisation.

The FARAPULSE Pulsed Field Ablation (or PFA) System is intended to render targeted cardiac tissue electrically non-conductive to prevent cardiac arrhythmia initiation or maintenance. It is indicated for isolation of pulmonary veins for the treatment of drug refractory paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (or PAF) in adults with cardiac arrhythmia adult patients up to 75 years of age.

Liz Carnibuci is an experienced and strategic communicator with more than 25 years of sales and marketing experienced in the healthcare industry in ANZ, China and APAC markets. She is committed to commercial excellence and is passionate about developing people and designing programmes to build talent, promote inclusion and drive organisational success. She is very passionate about healthcare and helping ensure that Australia continues to provide a sustainable and world-class healthcare system that can be accessed by everyone.

Liz Carnibuci is currently Vice President, Enterprise Accounts and Services for Medtronic ANZ and Japan and is also Vice President Asia Pacific and Greater China for Medtronic’s Diabetes business.

As one of MTAA’s Board of Directors, she has a solid understanding of the duties and key governance principles and strategies to drive board success.

Stryker has a strong and consistent focus on advancing women internally and positively influencing women in the external environment. Stryker has implemented strong female leadership representation and advocacy, policy changes, and initiatives

Today Stryker South Pacific’s workforce is:

  • 46.4% female
  • 50% senior female leaders
  • 43% female people leaders

Stryker’s internal policies support women and families. 123 employees took either primary or secondary carer leave in 2023. 36% of employees who have taken parental leave as the primary carer are men, reinforcing our commitment to gender equality.

Ongoing programs and initiatives include the local Stryker Women’s Network (or SWN) chapter delivering on the strategic focus of diverse representation, belonging and advocacy through events and programs.

The Women Without Limits, or WWL annual initiative continues to promote personal growth by exposing participants to challenging experiences, and promoting new skills and experiences that help develop strong networks across the business.

A new global program launched in 2023, was Women 2 Women Peer Coaching, that supports women in a well-defined peer coaching model.

Stryker recognises the importance of an industry-wide DE&I approach and invites broader industry members to events where appropriate.

Dr Katharina Richter is a visionary leader in MedTech, acclaimed for innovation and gender diversity. With over 40 awards to her name, including MIT Innovator Under 35 Asia-Pacific, and Prime Minister’s Prize for New Innovator finalist, she has shattered barriers as an entrepreneur, scientist, and ‘superbug slayer.’ Katharina’s groundbreaking work in combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria has resulted in 6 innovative treatments, 3 of which are patented, offering hope against deadly infections.

Katharina champions gender diversity, serving as a role model for aspiring female leaders. Her international impact is undeniable, as she elevates Australian MedTech on the global stage through panels, collaborations and media engagements.

Katharina’s leadership extends to various committees and organisations, where she nurtures the next generation of MedTech leaders through mentorship and career-development initiatives. Her remarkable journey showcases her as a true pioneer, leaving an indelible mark on both the MedTech industry and the advancement of women within it.

Kate King is a Senior Government Affairs Manager. She is also Chair of the MTAA’s Industry Policy Committee, Deputy Chair of the AmCham Health Policy Committee, and a member of the public affairs committees of both MTAA and MTANZ.

Kate has been the lead driver in positioning industry to respond to reform challenges around cardiac technical services and played a major role in developing the Value of Medtech Report.

She has built strong relationships with patient organisations and other stakeholders to strengthen the sector’s advocacy voice. Kate sits on Medtronic’s Global Government Affairs Extended Leadership Team (or ELT).

Kate has also overseen the development and implementation of the two first Reconciliation Action Plans as former Chair of Medtronic’s Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group, including development of an MOU with Indigenous Health Australia.

Kate sits on Medtronic’s ELT and is also an ELT Representative on Medtronic’s ANZ Diversity Council.